Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 play don't play

Let me wipe the drool from my face right quick. this cat just might be serious and gringin, humpin, "singing" and half dressed 2 got me hotter that heat between Nickie Parker's thighs

B.Scott is too cute

he looks better than me...what kind of shit is this?

"Shawty say" that Novakane did it better

"Hit it from the back and she feel it in her upper body" -Yo Gotti

I live in the Boonies of a state that is very close to Memphis (thank you sweet jeezus) which means K97.1 is always playing in my car. For the past few nights on my way home, Novakane ft Yo Gotti's remix to "Shawty Say" has been on constant replay. And this shit is bumpin, no lie. Once again, don't comment on my cheap way of posting music, everybody ain't able.

Usher tryna to reclaim his sexy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Frankie 2.0

She was watching Dr.Phil or some shit like that and she gave us here future actions if her children ever jumped stupid...."but when you can, fuck em up"...priceless.

I promise you, this crazy lady could be in my family but this shit right here, was too damn much for me...damn near pissed myself.

Thank you for breaking it down for us

This possibly drunk woman broke down Beyonce's "single ladies (put a ring on it)" and lawd have mercy! The entire video is a qutoe of the day. LMAO! Leave it in the comment section please and thank you!

Gay Men Galore

Im mad because 1.him and Mz.Coca (see 'damn youtube' post below) did the damn thing, 2.At the rags his's wearing, 3. that tiny messy space he's jiving in, 4.that hair and 5.because I could go without eatting for 3 years and I would NEVER be that that his rib cage??? The title for this lovely video is "single man dances to Single ladies" how has no one caught this fire cracker??

Is every gay man on youtube sickly or something??? Where in the hell is this child's mama at?

Damn Youtube

I am so GREEN right now!! Do you know how many damn times I've watched that damn video in hopes of atleast getting some of the steps right?! Too damn many! And here Mz.Coca is, on point, doing the dance! I hate him but at the same time,I love him. Imma need to sign up for one of his dance classes, fuck ta-bo.

I'm really feeling....

B.O.B! I remember this cat as an artist to look out for in XXL about 2 years ago, I blew him off has just another no-name rapper (Rich Boy graced the same pages as well, where the bird chest dude go? and don't give that remix to "Paper planes" either). But the other day I was tuning in on Shade 45 and I heard "I'll be in the sky" was like "DAAAMMMNNN"!!! Now I can't get T.I's "On top of the World" out my ear for shit but I'm not complaining. So I moseyed over to his myspace to right click and save a few flicks and finally listen to "Cloud 9". I recall reading the XXL article about him and this song was mentioned. Guess I won't be blowing off any other rapper to watch out for from XXL...
And don't hate on my cheap technique for posting music, not everybody got Crunk + disorderly or Necole Bitchie money, hell I got a college career to work on.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I only give it when its due....

Dj Unique posted this remix he did of Mrs.Carter's "Single Women (put a ring on it)". Yo this blazing! Kudos Unique! Check out his myspace